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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back to the future of Afghanistan: some more additions

Christine Fair discusses India's interests in Afghanistan in a two-part article series - this link goes to the second instalment. Brief comment: one understands India's concerns about insurgencies and terrorism, but I am not sure how the extensive Indian military involvement in Afghanistan, envisioned by some commentators, would mitigate India's problems. Sino-Indian relations, for example, cannot be left out of the equation, and talk and practice of Central Asian power projection might invoke the flexing of muscles by Beijing, too, where a new breed of leadership is emerging.
In other words, with harmonious Sino-Indian cooperation, tackling challenges in Afghanistan would be a lot easier, to say the obvious. In a parallel universe/reality...
Meanwhile, here is a good review/overview of recent (amazing + kinda-sorta scary) developments in robot warfare to ease your concerns. I am being ironic of course, in noting how going over-the-horizon while the Indian Army might try something more intensive back beyond that horizon does not necessarily add up to a working recipe of peace-building. Though, one must add, such a recipe perhaps does not really exist.

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