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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Future warfare - future Afghanistan?

Days after U.S. President Obama presented the Medal of Honor to the family of Staff Sergeant Robert J. Miller, one of only four recipients (three of them, including Miller, posthumous) of this decoration in the war in Afghanistan, here is the trailer for the new Medal of Honor video game. Much Afghanistan-like (or, to be more precise, Kunar-like) scenery to begin with, and the familiar sights of SF gear, Chinook helos, A-10s doing strafing runs etc.

Just a brief comment: if this is the future, and Afghanistan is turned into an "SF/drone firing range" as Joshua Foust put it not long ago, reacting to the "Team B report" tacitly encouraged and selectively human-resourced by the Obama administration, i.e. if it comes down to a romantically desperate fight of SFs in an endlessly long war, the only thing missing for the ultimate feel-real experience in this trailer I think is the robots. The drones above, and all the other remotely manned warfare that gives SFs in general and operators in concreto a chance not to be outmanned in that future. I am not sure if I meant this sarcastically, or matter-of-factly... part of the explanation for this is that I can't relate so meaningfully to robots.

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