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Friday, July 23, 2010

Stark contrasts!

This right here could as well be starting a viral meme, were it not to appear among my obscure blogposts about Afghanistan! Hence the exclamation marks! And for the irony of it!
The Independent added the following caption to this visual challenge. "The scenes of Hamid Karzai and Hillary Clinton at a crafts bazaar in Kabul yesterday were in stark contrast to the site of a suicide bomb attack in Kandahar on the same day." Some "starking" added by me to the original.
So let us compete! Who can conceive of even starker contrasts?!? How about... a Brussels candy shop vs. an LRA-run village in the DRC?!? Or... a Tesco supermarket somewhere in Europe vs. an arms bazaar in Mogadishu?!? Or... the glamour world of Sex and the City vs. the cocaine war in Mexican towns?!?
Right. You get the point. In a highly interdependent and intelinked world, and with a whole history of across-the-globe linkages, my pairs of things in STARK CONTRAST may be just as connected as the Karzai/Clinton visit to the football store is with a bomb attack in Kandahar.

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