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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Comeback, and quote of the day

For all those who are still taking a look at this blog every now and then after a long period of silence from me: this is a tentative comeback post. The reason I stayed away from writing here was simply that I needed a break, and that at the same time I had all sorts of other things to work on.
For now, without writing something very profound rightaway, here is what I have just bumped into, and may be worth sharing as a very oddly telling quote about transnationalisation.

" The latest encroachment is the Internet. (...) “It’s a great danger to be connected to the outside world,” cautions one monk. “Most of the monks weren’t even informed about 9/11.” "

The source: a monk from the mount of Athos, on a peninsula reaching into the Aegean Sea in Greece, where women are not allowed to visit since 1045.
To Afghanistan, connected we stand.

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