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Monday, May 17, 2010

Afghanistan, the global struggle

Rick Rozoff's piece is worth a read: a good overview of how many are involved in Afghanistan these days. One sentence struck me as somewhat oddly formulated towards the end:
"Afghanistan has, whether by convenience, design or some combination of the two, been transformed into a vast training ground for the consolidation of a fifty-nation military structure that has already been extended into Central Asia, the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, the Horn of Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Middle East."
Was there a design behind this? To a degree, yes, of course, but it is not as though the whole Afghanistan campaign would have been started to that end, so that sort of message certainly should not be implied here. Rozoff himself means more the sort of opportunity for joint/mixed ops experimenting that arose with this campaign. In that sense, there is a design. Afghanistan has indeed turned into a global governance exercise.
The one question that still bothers me is what sort of use it has if it fails? And as to the military aspect of this: will we see that extensive benefits of supposedly increased interoperability? Certainly not against space aliens. But I do see how this can be useful in some ways in crisis zones, perhaps in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies, elsewhere, later on. Anyways, this may be a question worth pondering in more detail.

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