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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Khyber Pass

For want of a better idea to post something today, I shall post a clip below, of the song titled Khyber Pass by The Ministry. It was part of the movie soundtrack for The Hurt Locker. It really fits here, doesn't it?

Well, the answer is: to a degree, indeed. The founder of this other ministry, The Ministry of Al Jourgensen, is singing-asking where is Osama bin Laden, in the song. To add something valuable to this post, I shall bring in Steve Coll to answer their question:

"The latest hint, suggesting that at least some Al Qaeda leadership is concentrated in North Waziristan, an area dominated by the Haqqani network, is contained in the plea agreement of the American terrorist David Headley In planning an attack against a Danish cartoonist, Headley traveled to North Waziristan, to meetings facilitated by a retired Pakistani intelligence officer. There he met Ilyas Kashmiri, a senior Al Qaeda planner, who told Headley that the “elders” had approved his work. It does not necessarily follow that the elders were also in North Waziristan, but still…."

Call this smooth interagency coordination. A request promptly answered by the Ministry of State Failure.

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