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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy quote of the day, from exactly six years ago

You might want to say this was "batsh*t crazy," in fact. Probably no need to comment on this. Just look at all that followed throughout the ensuing years. (And get enlightened if you have not been, so far.)
With The Christian Science Monitor, from March 23, 2004 here:
"The Pakistani military is refining its tactics in the ongoing battle to capture Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters in this semi-autonomous tribal belt bordering Afghanistan.
It's targeting a specific clan, the Yargul Khel, and Monday began bulldozing all their mud houses as a punishment for a group of clansmen providing shelter to the "foreign terrorists," as Pakistani authorities describe them.
The markets of South Waziristan's capital of Wana Monday were a scene of panic, as businessmen of the clan frantically emptied hundreds of shops ahead of a 48-hour deadline to turnover the "terrorists" or face the destruction of all tribal property."
Refined tactics. Targeting a group. Woo-hoo! And, in other news, CSM also reported:
"There are two main tribes, Ahmed Zai Wazir and Mehsud, living in South Waziristan - and they are rivals. Most of the tribesmen belonging to the Ahmed Zai Wazir tribe are illiterate and staunch Islamists."
Yes. And of course THEY were war-like, and THEY were basically idiots to be enemies of anyone when everyone was so damn friendly to THEM.

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