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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The TTP murals

Here is video of the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan's murals from Nawaz Kot, South Waziristan, if all is true. Read the background here, but in fact CNN's report is just late follow up to previous Pakistani news reports (like this) about the "jannat" or artificial paradise that was allegedly set up for training children for combat roles (including suicide bombing) by the TTP, apparently. It is really fascinating to read stories like this, or see reports like this. They show how much change radically transformed circumstances have pushed through people now using the "taliban" brand post-2001, including those belonging to a spawn organisation like the TTP, or "the taliban of the mountains" as they refer to themselves sometimes, as shown in this video. My personal reflection on this: there were different times when I would object, to a degree, to the idea of discussing Pakistan/Afghanistan within the child soldier discourse - just because teenage boys would also wield AK-47s among the "jihadis," growing up to be men in the fight against the Soviets and the regime they were backing, in the 1980s. In the context of news like this, however, those objections disappear in me.
I would love to embed the video but in its embedded form it wouldn't play in some browsers. So anyway, go to CNN, watch it there.

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