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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One man's pirate is another man's green peace warrior (corrected)

Somali piracy started largely as a grassroots response to illegal fishing in Somali waters and the dumping of all sorts of waste (possibly including nuclear waste) in Somali waters. I have already commented on why this might be interesting for the sometimes embarrassingly ideological and actually dumb discourse about failed states.
Now, what happened today is that Greenpeace the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society tried, with their "batboat," a high-speed trimaran, to make a point against whale-hunting, and had their boat rammed by Japanese whalers in response, either accidentally or not (not up to me to judge this here). It is interesting to look at the side of the batboat where you can discover even the skull and bones (look for it on this picture).
I am including this here just to make a little (more) fun of this this dud of an FP post again, I have to admit. The point of the author there, in the cited post, was essentially that it is funny to see Somali pirates talk like Greenpeace sometimes. Well, now, Greenpeace the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is taking a leaf of pirates' book sometimes, apparently. Which, from me, is not a general value judgement about either pirates or the .Greenpeace. the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
Correction: I made a mistake here. It is small excuse that I was misled by the first news of this incident which I heard on TV. I quickly wanted to post on it, and I did not do sufficient fact-checking. I was overinterested in the Somali analogy to do justice to Greenpeace who were not involved in this incident and who are in fact not approving of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's direct tactics and were thus misrepresented by me as well. My apologies for that. The title of the post remains as it is, although it could also be changed to "One man's pirate is another man's sea shepherd." And now I do note that a sea shepherd is no green peace warrior of Greenpeace in fact.

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