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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ANO fighting in Waziristan?

AQ, AQI, AQIM, AQAP, ANO... What? Wait. You mean, ANO is one of the militant groups that the U.S. is fighting these days? But the last time I checked, Abu Nidal was still dead. Somebody should tell the FBI...
Of course, that is not the most interesting angle from which one can look at this. The most interesting aspect is perhaps the ideological aspect. Abu Nidal's organisation was called Abu Nidal's organisation because it was run rather despotically by the man called Abu Nidal; but remarkably it worked with a leftist ideology and worldview. How an operative of this network ended up being killed in one of the drone strikes usually targeting al-Qaida operatives in north Waziristan, on January 9 this year, is interesting to ponder.
The Huffington Post has some key details:
"Rahim had been tried and convicted by Pakistan, but he and three suspected accomplices were apparently released in January 2008. All four were added to the FBI list late last year."
So, to recap: Palestinian Jamal Saeed Abdul Rahim who was first part of an ANO plot in Karachi, back in 1986, went on to spend 22 years in a Pakistani jail, imprisoned there supposedly for life, after he had earlier been sentenced to death, was then released in early 2008, and was then apparently killed in rather interesting company, or at least in a rather interesting location, just about two years after he had been set free.

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