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Monday, December 21, 2009

Map of the day

That what I am discussing here is the "map of the day" is no understatement, as this blog is not about maps of the day as such. It is to say I am highlighting here a very interesting map indeed, one that made it as the central subject of this blogpost. So a big h/t to author Mark Graham, for this as well as for the rest of his entire project. I am not embedding any of his maps here, because I don't wish to take Google image search hits away from his blog. Just follow the link to the map I want to highlight, this one, right here.
What you can see is that the share of different regions of the world in geotagged Wikipedia articles nicely confirms one's suspicions about how Afghanistan, Central Asia and Africa are generally off-road places for the mental journey of the average mind. Gosh, Antarctica overtakes them! (With the puzzling exception of Burkina Faso, which is a darker blue patch on Africa's map as a result.)
Let me note, as some small consolation to Afghanistan and other unjustly neglected countries and lands, that Hungarian Wikipedia is an interesting deviation from the general pattern in that there you can find an entry on Gul Agha Shirzai, but no entry on the National Roundtable Talks (which were quite important in Hungary's history, in the so-called "change of system" from state socialism to what we have today). Some places just defy expectations, don't they?

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