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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Gurkhas in Afghanistan

Just found this video, and I will embed it here before I attempt to come up again with something more profound.
So the Afghan war is one in which professional armies of a number of countries need to work and fight together with reservists and contractors of a great number of nationalities, mentored Afghan army units, police, auxiliary police, COIN-proxy militias and some of the traditional arbakai, against various insurgent factions of also quite diverse backgrounds and composition. This bewildering diversity is even compounded by the presence of special units such as the French Foreign Legion (I briefly discussed their presence in Afghanistan here). And the British Gurkhas (I wrote about them, and their kukris, here). Even some members of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, technically a paramilitary force, are deployed there (you guessed, I wrote about them, too: here).
The video below is about the Gurkhas.

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