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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Failed states and the negative spill-over effects they suffer

This ill-informed post at Foreign Policy Magazine's Passport blog where the author is voicing a big muhaha for the supposedly funny reasoning of Somali pirates about illegal fishing and the dumping of toxic waste off their coast reminded me of the very real phenomenon of how weak states are exploited in all sorts of ways. That is a pretty important critical argument in light of the prominent idea that weak states are mostly a threat to the outside world and not vice versa. When in fact their territory is treated by some as a sort of global commons to make private profits from. No wonder locals get upset about this. Of course this is not the only or even necessarily the most important cause or sustaining factor of piracy. But it is of fundamental importance, no doubt, and it is a shame that many are blind to it. Even those who should be better aware of what they are writing about, than the average.
End of detour, next post coming up will be again about Afghanistan.

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