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Monday, November 2, 2009

About the Taliban's open letter to the SCO

The team at Jihadica has recently made available an open letter by the Afghan Taliban to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.
Vahid Brown uses this text as part of an analysis of the relationship between the Afghan Taliban and al-Qaida. But it does appear to me to be the work of more than just the Afghan Taliban. Somebody else might also have had a say in formulating the text, and I think so on the basis of this reference:
"...the invaders have frequently shelled seminaries and schools under the excuse of being training centers of terrorists."
This seems rather like it would be coming from the Pakistani context, as reference to strikes on radical madrasas in Pakistan, for example on the one in Bajaur Agency, on a madrasa of the TNSM (Tehrik-e Nifaz-e Shariat Mohammadi), in 2006.
This is not the first time I wonder if something, handled as "a publication of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan," really came purely from them. One often wonders how much help a group with many illiterate and not very computer-savvy leaders is getting, while depending on support from Pakistani sources, to write letters of the above kind to the SCO, i.e. "the People's Republic of China + some other countries in China's border regions," as some view it.

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