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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Look, who's watching?

Zbigniew "I would do it again!" Brzezinski is saying that it's bad to be an occupier in Afghanistan, and so Obama shouldn't "mindlessly escalate." Putting aside the confused/confusing nature of this statement, I find it especially remarkable how he gets introduced to the readership in the NYT:
"Few policy makers have studied Afghanistan as long..."
His "studies" got some serious killing going.
Today I am reading in the Washington Post (but not from today) something else I'd note now - long excerpt coming up:
"Before Brostrom moved to Wanat, he went home on leave to see his parents in Hawaii, where they had settled after his father retired from the Army. One evening, he showed his father videos from Afghanistan. Most of the clips were of Brostrom and his troops under fire at the Bella outpost.
In one video, Brostrom's battalion fired artillery and white phosphorus, an incendiary weapon, at a distant campfire in the mountains where it had killed insurgents earlier that day. Someone had come to collect the bodies. The soldiers were determined to kill them.
"Here comes a mighty big explosion on this little candlelight ceremony that the Taliban is having for their buddies that died there earlier," one of the soldiers says on the video. "This is going to be glorious. It is going to be a bloodbath."
A few seconds later, the mountainside exploded with fire, and the soldiers let up a raucous cheer.
Human rights groups have criticized the United States for employing white phosphorus to kill enemy fighters, but this type of use is permitted under military rules. The elder Brostrom weighed his words carefully before he spoke. "How do you know those people dragging the bodies away weren't villagers coming to get their relatives?" he asked.
"They are all [expletive] Taliban up there," the son replied."
There (in the area Brostrom is talking about) they are certainly not all [expletive] Taliban. But there is an al-Qaida/Lashkar-e-Tayba presence, along with the local HiG fighters that will now go undisturbed, with US forces pulling back from there, if all goes according to plan.
What's the analysis here? There is not all that much in the way of analysis, I admit...

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