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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to Kunduz

It is good to see that the German edition of the Financial Times may now move beyond this ridiculous misrepresentation (by an external contributor) of what German-American debates were about in terms of tactics and operating procedures, as well as a downright absurd interpretation of "deterrence" as killing-a-lot-of-people-just-for-the-deterrence-of-it. The Kunduz airstrike was just bad, bad, bad, and they may be getting at this with the new bits of information that are constantly coming.
According to a recent report by FT (GER), relayed by Expatica, anonymous NATO officials (not my favourite source of information, of course) say that even a dreadful misunderstanding contributed to making the Kunduz airstrike happen ("Are you in contact?;" "Yes, visual contact"). To be exact, these anonymous friends of intra-alliance harmony are saying that Colonel Klein lied, but that seems to be beyond what necessarily has to be concluded at this point. I have some other questions, though, that have not yet been addressed - perhaps we will see clearer once that NATO report comes out.

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