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Monday, August 10, 2009

UAVs and warfare from Nevada

For some cheap blogging, I will embed (if I can) three fresh videos from CNN here. Nic Robertson's special report on remote warfare. It is not very deep and it is not very informative. But it does bring home how the war one wages in front of a computer screen in Nevada can never be the real thing (even if one can see things in its course that will haunt one for long afterwards). Sorry, the operators may have the best intentions, but even so I just don't buy it that one will give such thought to civilian casualties in their situation, as a soldier who might have to go back to the village concerned the next day might...

Oh, by the way, before you start watching (if you do), I would just briefly note that CNN is still totally not serious about Afghanistan. If they would be, they would have been aware of how much it was the pre-2001 quasi-hunt for Ossama bin Laden that got the whole UAV development to take off. (Well-documented in Steve Coll's Ghost Wars, if you are looking for more reading on this.)

Anyway. Here it is, at the indicated URL, and embedded below.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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