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Monday, August 31, 2009

Guns, as culture

I'm afraid I won't be able to write much today, so, to make this look good, at least I am again changing the header image. What you can see up there now is a Kalashnikov assault rifle, painted on the inside wall of a house somewhere in the Deh Rafshan area of Uruzgan - the photo was taken during a search operation there by Dutch, Afghan and other troops, and it is from two years ago (it's not my photo of course, and I'd link to the original if I could find the source). What strikes me as odd about it is how an actually missing Kalashnikov, in a country where there is no absence of weapons, is made up for by a painting on the wall, at a point where one over here in Majaristan would want to have some nice decoration, say a still life or a landscape painting. I upload a detail of the original photo here as well, so once I change the header again, and somebody then reads this post, it won't be a clueless puzzle what I was writing of here.

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