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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Key indicators pt. II.

This is another thing to watch out for, as I warned in last November. Islamist charities preaching to people lining up for their daily rations in the Pakistani IDP camps.
"Mr. Hassan was busy checking new temporary schools, health clinics and four ambulances on 24-hour service that Al Khidmat had set up.

Every day, he said, he personally supervised the distribution of food at three different places — sometimes at a home, sometimes in a camp. So far, he said, he had covered 400 of 450 villages near the city of Swabi. Always, he said, before the food is distributed, he delivers his exhortation to jihad.

By contrast, although a substantial amount of American aid is getting through, it is not branded as American, and Pakistani authorities have insisted that it be delivered in a “subtle” manner, General Ahmad said."
As to how the offensive in Malakand was perceived, one has to deflate the value of "Pakistan realised this, Pakistan realised that" narratives a little. See this: "There were many Taliban in the displaced camps, and they believed the Pakistani military was fighting against them in Swat on orders from Washington." And see this: “I said they couldn’t fly in Chinooks, no way,” General Ahmad said, referring to American military helicopters. The United States, he said, was seen as “part of the problem.”

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