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Monday, July 27, 2009

Brand new week, brand new header (and key metrics cont'd)

The pic that is currently up there is the small detail of a picture that I found here.
The original photo was taken by Mohammad Shoiab for Reuters, in Herat city, in western Afghanistan (right near the Iranian border), in a burqa shop, where the owner of the place has recently started thinking of investing in the less conservatiave variants of the Islamic dress code for women. His burqa sales are said to have dropped by 50%. He is still selling burqas, so it's a half-empty, half-full glass sort of thing, depending on which way you measure progress.
Update: I'll be working on non-blog-related matters for a week, so expect no new posts during that time. Meanwhile, read Thomas L. Friedman for a daily dose of lunacy on Afghanistan (it's relatively old stuff, I just happened to notice it now). "Al Qaeda is gone. And if its leaders come back, well, that’s why God created cruise missiles." That's what he starts out with. But no worries, he realises that Afghan schoolgirls are cute and deserve education, so he is not (yet) prepared to contemplate shooting up their country with cruise missiles. (Making it something like a huge Gaza strip I guess, the difference being much better chances of survival for anyone in particular from AQ than for anyone in particular from Hamas.)

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