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Friday, June 19, 2009

New header

The blog now has a new header. This is the photo which I cut to fit there:

Pakistani Taliban. A band of men wielding machine guns, mounted on a pickup truck. Business as usual; an image observers of developments in the region are all used to. But even in such a picture, interesting details can be highlighted. One of the most misplaced perceptions regarding Afghanistan is how supposedly it is tribal in the sense that tribal fault-lines would mostly be driving the insurgency, and that they would be the key to engineer a social context conducive to COIN success there. Ironically, it is the Pakistani Taliban who are arguably more tribal then their Afghan counterparts. But even the Pakistani Taliban are made up of all sorts of elements. See illustration below:

So why is that guy in the frame wearing a mask, while the others are not? Is he more camera-shy? Is he more inclined to travel across international borders? Just asking, without knowing the answer.

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