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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Swat déja vu

The BBC is offering video, text and photos about what Mingora looks like after the highly kinetic military operation that swept across the Swat valley in Pakistan. Actually, Loi Sam looked much-much worse after the Bajaur operations last year - get a glimpse of that at one point in this lengthy documentary. This is not to say that Mingora is not heavily damaged.
Now, let us rewind the clock, and see what the aftermath of the 2008 Swat operations was like. Then, "only" 20,000 military troops were needed - Ahmed Rashid did complain, though, that if intervention would have come earlier on, and militants would not have enjoyed a free reign over large areas for so long, a major police operation could have been sufficient.
So you get the point. This thing has just now been repeated, only on an even bigger scale. Much bigger scale... And last year people were asking what good comes out of this if the Tehrik-e Taliban and, especially, its leadership do not suffer major casualties, but just leave the area behind early on, for the mountains or for some place under firm Taliban control, while a few stay on to fight rearguard action?

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