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Friday, May 1, 2009

Site announcement

Expect some minor surprises here in the upcoming hours, as I'll be experimenting with changing a few things about the look of this blog.

I will also change its name, a little bit. Feel free to (keep) refer(ring) to the blog as it is called now used to be called. Back at the very beginning of things I wanted to be modest by calling it "my" state failure blog. I thought somebody, with a few more publications in peer-reviewed journals than me, may want to start another one some day, so I should not look to monopolise the representation of the academic discourse in the blogosphere - not even in name.

This is not a concern any more, hence the change, desired otherwise stemming from a wish to avoid the semblance that this site is a personal diary about, uh, well, say, my state of failure...

Update: I am almost done. Now I can just sit back and contemplate whether I was totally wrong in messing up the earlier look of the blog. Care to share your opinion? I'd appreciate that.

Meanwhile, I added a picture to the header which will change from time to time, just like it does over at Ghosts of Alexander for example.

The current picture is cut from a photo that was made by John Moore for Getty Images on March 22, 2009. You can find the original published here in large size. The story of the image is interesting enough: the C-17 airdrop was destined for Marines in Qalanderabad, and it accidentally fell on an opium field for which the farmer of the field was (rightly) compensated by the soldiers. But I am using this image here to fit the theme of the blog in a more general way, out of its actual context. Feel free to interpret this on your own, of course.


Pim said...

Hi Peter. Has been a while since I last checked your blog and wasn't sure at first if I had found it, because of the missing [My]. Good to see you're still around, I read your analysis with great interest and agree with them most of the time.
Since the oruzgan.web-log.nl blog went down, do you know if there is an alternative news source for that region? And a heads up: Dutch, Australian and Afghan forces have started an operation to clear the "Westbank", the area to the west of the road from Tarin Kowt to the entrance of the Baluchi valley.
Now, some years later, what's your take on the dutch "ink-blot" approach? Are the ink-blots larger than before? Is the ink really dark, or is it a watered down kind of grey?
Keep up the good work!
/Pim Messelink

Péter MARTON said...

Hi Pim! Great to hear from you! Yes, the blog's outlook changed somewhat - I was bored with the old look, and I also wanted to change the name, so I invented an excuse (the new name) to change it. The Ministry theme gives me the opportunity to play with words a little, and express some things that would be tricky in a different format.
Uruzgan - I must admit my awareness regarding developments there decreased a lot - you're probably much more up-to-date than me, on this.. But I heard of the generally positive developments in the Baluchi valley. Otherwise you're putting it into the exact words that I would agree with most readily: the ink is a watered-down kind of grey, indeed!
Let's be in touch, my old e-mail still working.