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Saturday, April 18, 2009

State Failure Classics #3

At around the turn of 2007 and 2008 I put up two posts as part of a would-be "state failure classics" series. The idea was that I would take some of the most remarkable statements from the academic discourse on state failure, and reflect on how they might be interpreted in the Afghan-Pakistani context at that point in time. This was the first of eventually just two such attempts (the second doesn't really count, in fact, so I won't even link to it).
This could have been good for some productive and yet low-effort blogging for me, but I eventually didn't persist with it.
Now it's back, though. Here's some video I have to steal from a link that I found over at the Jengster's.
As a state failure classic, it truly defies imagination. To qualify this somewhat: Hamid Gul says actually nothing new here. The ideas he is voicing are present since Pakistan's creation of course. But repeating them all, word for word, without reflecting on where things are headed after all those decades right now, is something that is amazing, to say the least. The You Tube user who uploaded the recording had some harsher words from which I would distance myself in that I would not want to mock Pakistani people in general in any case. There is irony in what we hear here, but in a different way.


Joshua Foust said...

Okay, so now I feel ashamed for not having heard of Jengnameh. What a great blog!

Péter MARTON said...

Indeed! Go, go, Jengster!