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Monday, March 2, 2009

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Brief pointers to just this and that, loosely connected. Lest I be accused of writing lengthy pieces ALL the time.

Look who's fighting in Helmand...
Exclusive: Army is fighting British jihadists in Afghanistan
(Kim Sengupta, The Independent, February 25)
"British soldiers are engaged in "a surreal mini civil war" with growing numbers of home-grown jihadists who have travelled to Afghanistan to support the Taliban, senior Army officers have told The Independent.
But it is in Afghanistan that British forces are now directly facing fellow Britons on the other side. RAF Nimrod aircraft flying over Afghanistan at up to 40,000ft have been picking up Taliban electronic "chatter" in which voices can be heard in West Midlands and Yorkshire accents. Worryingly for the military, this has increased in the past few months, with communications picked up by both ground and air surveillance, showing the presence of more British voices in the Taliban front line."

(h/t to Myra MacDonald)

Where wannabe recruits may soon also travel, if this analysis happens to be correct...
March 4th 2009: The End of Sudan?
(Anders Hastrup, CUMINet, February 24)
"On March 4th, 2009, the International Criminal Court in The Hague, ICC, will make public their decision about whether or not they will issue an arrest warrant on Sudan’s President Omar al Bashir accused of genocide in Darfur.
... with 2 years experience as a relief-worker in Sudan, primarily in Darfur, scepticism is my immediate response and I am preparing myself for a worst-case scenario."

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