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Friday, February 20, 2009

Father-in-law's views about government

Remember that piece by Anatoli Lieven the other day, telling us that once the Taliban come back to power in Afghanistan, they should be credibly threatened with seeing Afghanistan turned into Gaza, in case they happen to shelter terrorists? It wasn't entirely silly, that piece. Certain parts of it about the need to re-shape the current Afghan polity for it to have a chance to work, were ok with me, even while they may have rested partly on wrong premises.
But those premises were seriously wrong. That the Taliban would just transform into a political party, from a hydra of an insurgency, in the end.
Here's Maulana Sufi Muhammad's brief answer to that. Why bother governing, when you can leave all the responsibility to others, and condemn them, as you see fit under sharia law?
Quote: "Maulana Sufi Muhammad clarified that the Shari’a court system will be controlled by him, while the departments of economy, politics, culture, education and health will be under the control of the federal government."
You know, Sufi Muhammad is the guy who was sent to negotiate, on behalf of the Pakistani state, for peace in the Swat valley, with his son-in-law, Maulana Fazlullah.
For them, a state-within-a-state or rather a state-in-ignorance-of-a-state will always be a world better than just a state.

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