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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The third version of what happened to those helicopters and their engines

Were disassembled US helicopters, transported by road from Peshawar to Jalalabad, captured by guerrillas in Pakistani territory in June or shortly before the month of June? Or is it true rather that "four US helicopter engines worth $13 million (£7 million) went missing on the way from Kabul to Pakistan in April"? Or rather "four U.S. helicopter engines worth more than $13 million were stolen in northwest Pakistan while being trucked from Afghanistan to Karachi port to be shipped home"?
I can't really say. After this and that there is this new source available on the subject, and the third version of events.
If I have to make some educated, or rather common-sense, guess, it would be that the latest version is true, and helicopter engines were probably captured in Pakistani territory. The question is whether what the Times of India wrote of on June 18 is in reference to a different incident. That is still a possibility.
But if the question is just whether the London Times got it right that helicopter engines may have been stolen on the way from Kabul to Pakistan, i.e. before Pakistan... Well, the LT's article was titled "The Russian threat to NATO supply route in Afghanistan," which is kind of stupid, you see - it was, after all, an article about the Russian hesitation to offer logistical help, and the Pakistani threat to NATO supplies in actuality. So I'll just leave that particular educated guess up to you.

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