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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aerial state-building revisited

By revisitation I mean an old post of mine, from back in 2007. At the time, I was writing in some general remarks here about the reliance on air power in counterinsurgency in Afghanistan - show-of-force and troops-in-contact missions being required to guarantee control over land with casualties remaining desirably low.
Now I'm reading this in the Christian Science Monitor:
"The US military is working to put a new strategy in place for Afghanistan and Pakistan that could allow it to expand airfields, preposition military forces and equipment, and prepare for a more robust effort soon against Islamist extremists in the region."
Expand airfields... to prepare for a more robust effort.
Sounds like timely preparation for continuing increases in troop levels. The logistics will have to be done even more by air - the tunnel that is Pakistan is a route through which supplies can be hindered too much. So preparations like this are needed.
Of course I can't speak with certainty. This was just one sentence which I may be reading wrongly. But there is a lot of re-strategising going on at the moment, not only in the Pentagon. So one is certainly right to expect some brains working at full capacity at the moment.

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