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Monday, September 29, 2008

The surge of all surges

Still with WaPo here, after yesterday. This time Pamela Constable is reporting on the idea of a winter surge of development aid.
This will be just a brief post from me, however, since the article is short on details. I don't really get to know what exactly is being planned, and on what scale?
Only three points are actually visible that may be connected to the idea.
- There is a road to be built from Khost city to the national highway ring. Is that really part of the winter surge, however? Will the road be built during the winter? How does it help against Haqqani's insurgents? Anyway, you may want to read this take on the said road by Jari.
- The French are planning on working with Afghans to build "a Kabul bypass road" in Kapisa.
- Less un-development is to be done, if possible. Quoting an ISAF spokesman on this:

" "If we inadvertently kill civilians, we pay a price because we go against what we are trying to achieve overall," said Brig. Gen. Richard Blanchette, chief spokesman for the 53,000-strong NATO forces here. "We need to weigh the effects and the proportionality of every action. If there is the likelihood of even one civilian casualty, we will not strike, not even if we think Osama bin Laden is down there." "

So, thus far, this is as much as I could decipher. Let's hope enough concrete ideas can be crammed into those "windows of security" to be opened up shortly, according to the recent declarations.
Meanwhile, I also propose, for right after the winter development surge, a spring development surge, a summer development surge and an autumn development surge and so on.

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