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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Breaking: Anatoli Lieven from a Peshawar vantage point

This is definitely worth reading. I'm excerpting it just to get the sceptics, if there are any, to follow the link.
"Moscow has reminded Nato of the importance of Russian goodwill to secure the supply lines of the US-Nato operation in Afghanistan through Central Asia. Alternatively, Nato can become wholly dependent on routes through Pakistan. From where I am sitting, that does not look like a very good move - and where I am sitting at this moment is a hotel room in Peshawar, Pakistan.
By siding fully with Iran, Russia has the capability to wreck any possibility of compromise between Tehran and the West, and to push the US towards an attack that would be disastrous for Western interests - and enormously helpful to Russia's."
I'm filing this under The Weekly Great Game. You know, my old series to which I haven't added much lately. While I'm not updating it, others are.
My only critical remark would be this "goodwill" Russia has demonstrated with offering the land transit option is based on a we-are-happy-if-your-soldiers-die-instead-of-ours-as-they-used-to-in-the-1980s-and-we-certainly-do-not-wish-to-repeat-the-experience-but-we-will-sigh-in-relief-and-rejoice-when-you-leave-having-taken-care-of-it-all-for-us sort of logic regarding NATO's efforts in Afghanistan.


fnord said...

"Viewing this conflict from Pakistan gives some interesting perspectives. The first is the absolute insanity of the West's stoking a crisis with Russia while facing such intractable problems in the Muslim world."

Wich sums up this nicely, basically. Lets open a THIRD front, lads, thats really what we need. It again raises the nagging question about the US high commands rationality. When I remember that McCains pastor, Hagee, has stated that Jesus will come back as a result of a nuclear war with Russia triggered over Iran within the next 4 years, I sort of get the "last days of the 3. reich" shivers. If a leadership acts insanely, argues insanely and acts insanely and openly against their own interest, what conclusion seems relevant to draw? I am seriously seriously trying to find some strategic geopolitical coherence in the neo-con crusade and I just can. not. find. it.

But I guess we are all Georgians now. And that a democracy, any democracy (except the ones who elect the wrong folks of course) is a thing worth going nuclear about. As the War Nerd would say: Why is everyone going all crazy about a pissant little caucasian clash? 1500 dead all together and both sides howl genocide? Shit, the aztecs did 1500 before lunch...

Péter MARTON said...

On a less than serious sidenote, I know at least the Afghans are definitely not Georgians - I've written of this before: