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Monday, May 5, 2008

Re: RC-East - Barnett Rubin's response

In a previous post I raised the issue of what we should make of the security situation in ISAF Regional Command-East's area of operations in light of, at least seemingly, contradicting information regarding local improvements and an increasing number of security incidents there in general. One of my sources for the data I cited was Dr Barnett Rubin.
Now, my post can be read very much as a question, especially since I put a question mark there at the end of its title. But then, after publishing that post, I went off-line for a while and although I could have had the chance to collect my mail or use the internet, I decided not to waste any of my time doing such things.
But while I was away in the below pictured location (more on this later)...
In case you haven't yet read it while I was away.
(Meanwhile, Josh offered some thoughts of his over the notable tendency, criticised by Dr Rubin as well, of some to present RC-East as all "lollipops and candy canes," at Registan, here. It also connects to the by-now quite extensive discussion ongoing at several sites about the relationship between roads and counterinsurgency.)

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