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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blogging break

No blogging till bloggy Sunday. Can't even post comments.
Check out the blogroll in the meantime.
One of the authors has spoken to Hekmatyar in the past, the other is working in Chagcharan these days (I think, though I may as well be mistaken). Homework till I come back: find out which of them is which.
End-of-the-break update: I'm back but this won't be a bloggy Sunday. Just this small addition to me pointing out the answer to the above question. "Harry Rud" is an aid worker in Afghanistan currrently, and he's of course not the one who has done an interview with Hekmatyar and has also spoken with another old jihadi, Haqqani -that is Jari, the other author, not Harry. Rud, for his part, offers interesting thoughts on the issue of roads for example, which has sparked so much debate recently.
Alright, from tomorrow on I'll continue adding my own input to the great ideational melting pot of the blogosphere. Till then, chill out- that's what I'll do.

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