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Monday, March 31, 2008

NATO Summit week

Having already posted a video this mourning, I'll post some pictures now. Too much text on MStFB these days, especially with the new feature, The Weekly Great Game, the regular overview of weekly developments in diplomacy and international relations connected to Afghanistan. Hence the new approach!
But after these pictures I'm also posting a question with an implied answer. And I'll even post the answer, which everybody will already know. Just to still have some analysis up here as well.
So. This week I'm going to pay much attention to the NATO Summit in Bucharest.
The Summit is going to take place here, at the massive Bucharest Parliament Palace (the former Romanian dictator Ceauşescu's regime started construction of the palace originally):
Impressive, isn't it? Wait, I just found one that's even better:

And there'll be a lot of non-NATO guests, including, most notably perhaps, Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedev from Russia. This is Medvedev (UPI Photo, Mihail Kovalev). He is not yet President, he'll take office in May.

Putin is still President. And some wonder whether he will still be the one to go to in foreign policy matters after May. Vladimir Putin:
Somebody I've heard recently, who has met both guys in the past, said that Medvedev is much more sociable. But anyway, sure both guys look confident.
My question then is: If U.S. President George W. Bush is going to Kyev, the Ukraine, before the NATO Summit, and he is about to visit Putin in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi after it, will the Ukraine get a Membership Action Plan, leading it to NATO accession, in Bucharest? Shouldn't those visits be arranged the other way around if it were to be so?
My take is that the answer to the latter question is yes. So NATO-Russia cooperation is likely to get a boost in Bucharest, with an agreement on the transport of troops and equipment through Russian territory to support ISAF operations in Afghanistan. Last week a Russian delegation has been having preparatory discussions in Washington, and it is reported that the main subject there was missile defense and strategic arms-related treaties. Not the MAPs.
We'll see.

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