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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Check out the Ghost of Alexander!

Click on this link right here as any good, obedient reader should. On top of the opening page you'll see a picture showing an American soldier who is about to execute a major prank on a nonsuspecting Afghan lad in uniform, pulling him headfirst into the water. Or, I may be mistaken - may it be that the Afghan lad is extending a helping hand to the U.S. soldier? *
To find out about much more (like, actually relevant questions, unlike the one I've just made up absent-mindedly), do return there to read that blog regularly. The author does not appear to be someone who started blogging on Afghanistan only yesterday. The blog just launched could be a direct descendant of the most ancient Afghanistan blogs, from the time of Alexander!
* If by chance you surf here an x number of months from now, you'll find a different picture at Ghosts of Alexander. These photos are going to be replaced regularly.

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