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Monday, March 10, 2008

Afghan refugees (fighting) in Debrecen, Hungary

A rare glimpse into the life of Afghan refugees in Hungary. When, of course, if not at a time when they happen to be involved in fighting?
" Afghan and Georgian inhabitants of the Debrecen refugee camp clash
Afghan and Georgian refugees clashed twice on Saturday at the Debrecen refugee camp. The two groups of refugees fought each other armed with sticks and steel rods. The first clash occurred at dawn, the second in the afternoon.
"Nine people were hurt in the brawl, one of them suffered life-threatening injuries, and two others were gravely wounded," Katalin Kiss Juhászné, a spokesperson of the Debrecen police department said.
According to the Független Hírügynökség, the Georgian refugees were attacked by the Afghans as they were returning to their quarters after being questioned by police over the dawn brawl. Their attackers kicked down a door to be able to take revenge for the dawn attack. "
The text is not particularly well-written, and my quick translation is no real explanation for that. I happened to hear the news on TV first, on Sunday, and so I can add some more details. Based on what Hungarian TV2 reported, on Saturday, at dawn, two Afghan refugees were stabbed by presumably Georgian attackers (these two Afghan refugees were the ones who were gravely wounded). In the afternoon the Afghan group wanted to take revenge, and the Georgians, who tried to flee from them, barricaded themselves in a room. The Afghans could eventually smash in the door, and they beat up the five Georgians who had fled inside. One Georgian refugee had his skull bone broken. I assume that he's the one in the worst condition...
For a comment, one thing I'd note in particular - this is kinda like the raison d'être for this post: most news reports' authors thought it was worth highlighting that the clashes had nothing to do with nationality and that they were not politically motivated...
Like, any reference to "Afghans" and "Georgians" in the text above is pure coincidence. And no, a group taking revenge for a stabbing incident by another group is sooooo NOT political at all...
You get the point.


Anonymous said...

It is not very different in our country, the refugees even kill each other here. The rubbish is almost everywhere....

mjk, Switzerland

Péter MARTON said...

Well, mjk,
Please do not call people you absolutely don't know rubbish.
I really wouldn't love to start a pointless discussion - do, however, consider the following points:
1. You haven't won some pre-natal version of the olympics to be born in a richer part of the world. You're just lucky.
2. Consider how often will your newspaper report things like this: "today Afghan refugees quietly ate their breakfast and then spent the day waiting for their status to be settled." Would that be news?
Alright, I'm finishing here. Just please don't interpret my post as implying it's normal for refugees to beat each other. Read my post again. I'm saying it's normal that that is (nearly only) when they are reported on.

Anonymous said...

I do not know "them", but you know me, huh ?
How do you know I am lucky ?
By wich standards is my part of the world "richer" ?

If your judgement bases on rich or poor, well, you are too superficial, there is more than that.

Please don't reply, besides, your opinions are still impregnated with a post communist mentality.
Tsk Tsk...

I am sorry I posted a comment, anyway....