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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So how about drafting in the Afghan South?

I'll pick up where I last left off. Talking about the idea of drafting together a larger ANA (OMG, just don't even think I was the one suggesting that - it was someone else: me, myself and I just tried to react to it sensibly). I hinted that instead of drafting people to fight against insurgents with minimal training for the task, it might be a better idea to draft people away/out from insurgency-hit areas, to reduce the manpower pool of the insurgency. However, that the latter is a better idea, does not mean that it's a good or entirely workable idea. To refine that statement, compulsory service in the ANA for southerners would certainly not be a good idea, I'd think.
This is what might happen when foreign powers tell locals to "report for duty" (using Ambassador Neumann's exact phrase). Wanted conscripts might head to the woods. Or the mountains. And become insurgents.
On the painting below you see a Polish insurgent of 1863, on horseback. Not much in the way of woods around, but trust me. The fighting part was started in the woods, by those wouldn't-be-conscripts.

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