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Monday, January 14, 2008

Péters and the ink blog strategy

Now I'll write here something that will be totally incomprehensible to those not acquainted with Afghanistanica yet. Such people should stop reading here and instead read Afghanistanica. Those of you who have already had your daily reading there: this here is a response to yesterday's post there.
That post presented an overly optimistic reading of the situation in Hungary. Are all Hungarian men named Péter? Not yet! Lots of non-Péters around still! With Péter Wagner we've barely started to expand our ink blog areas, to develop discoursive hegemony over the die-hards.
At around the time when Hungarian tribes arrived to the Carpathian Basin, where the all-seeing eye of our research centre is currently located, they had names like Nyék, Megyer, Tarján, Kürtgyarmat, Keszi, Kér and Jenő. And the tribal chiefs had names such as Ond, Kond, Tas, Huba, Töhötöm, Előd and Álmos.
Those names are of course totally cool in Majaristan... We, Péters, you could say, are Majaristan's compromise with globalisation. To illustrate the difference, there's one of our Hungarian tribal ancestors on the left below. On the right it's the prototype of all modern Péters of nowadays.


Afghanistanica said...

OK, maybe just 80-90% of Majaristanis are named Péter.

One more thing, I think that if you showed up to academic conferences in that csikos outfit you could definitely raise your profile. Everybody would remember you.

Péter MARTON said...

Sure, but it would perhaps be enough to generously hand out some bottles of that Tokaji aszú wine that the pictured Péter is drinking!
After that I could present any kind of paper, they'd love it :)