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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A guest post

(My) State Failure Blog is no longer a hundred percently, exclusively, (mine), as you can see. So a bit of nano-history was written here yesterday. I'm glad to welcome Márton Kasnyik on board, and I hope Márton can be persuaded to outline some of his ideas in more detail later on, perhaps in the form of some timely reflections on related affairs. If you happened to find this post of mine on top today, scroll below to read Márton's own post, the first ever guest post on (the People's) State Failure Blog.
I have to note, that if by chance you are looking to cite Márton's work, Kasnyik is his family name. I'm just pointing this out because some of you may be aware that we Hungarians, like some other people, use our surname and first name in a reverse order. So first name would normally be "second name" in our case. But to totally confuse everyone, we sometimes re-reverse the order of our names, in the hope of meeting the outside world's expectations.
So, to prevent any such confusion this time around, Márton's name is Kasnyik Márton in Hungary. And Márton Kasnyik anywhere else. Similarly to how I am Péter Marton for the world outside Majaristan.

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