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Monday, December 10, 2007

Give the ANA a chance...

It might be imperative indeed.
Firstly, because NATO is very much resting its hopes on the ANA, and it is becoming clear that even while the insurgency may have grown in intensity in the last year of operations, it will not be an increased international troop presence that will deal with the problem, and neither will it be international troops that gradually build up so that southern development zones can be extended. It's the ANA that would have to take care of both issues in the end, and NATO, in a rather optimistic fashion, is expected to develop (= degrade) its current mission to a support role beyond 2009-2010. I actually don't exclude the possibility that with sufficient resources this plan might work, too. If commitment to that support role happens to be firm enough.
However, some people, as it turned out last week, are looking for an easy way out even of sufficiently building up the ANA, with the argument being basically that "you know, these tribals - they are just tribals after all."
In such a context I find this upcoming documentary very interesting. Here's the trailer.

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