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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Disguises and human shields - Air power vs. an insurgency

Abu Muqawama & Co. have given an account of a mysterious Afghanistan event recently, where one of the gurus of the congregation said weird things about air strikes being an element in the repertoire. The two-person Abu M. team have issued a démarche in response to the verbal attrocity, saying that "it's clear that the Taliban have been genius at exploiting the civilian casualties from our airstrikes, no matter how long lawyers and commanders agonize over the targets."
I've touched upon the issue myself before, but I've also recently come across some interesting videos via the Uruzgan Weblog that may be of relevance here.
Dutch Apaches track insurgents who tend to have children placed in front of the compounds they enter. Here is the original ISAF press release, so you can see more. I'll just try to upload here the parts with burqas walking the road in a manly manner, and the strategically placed child at the doorstep. So the Abu M. contributors are right, if you had any doubts. And of course the Taliban are not.



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