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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Totally out of context rating

So Afghanistan is a non-forgiving environment for... family-friendly blogging!
Afghanistanica is reporting that the What's my blog rated? page at the Just say hi site apparently gives blogs that talk about "suicide, death, pain, drugs and killing" a rating of NC-17.
The system is not entirely A'stan-proof yet, however, since some blogs, including mine, can still get through the defensive lines of parental control, with a "G" rating.
Which is great! I can continue scaring general audiences with 4GW and similar stuff!
Update (October 5): Predictably my blog's rating has become more reflective of Afghan realities by now, and partly it was my mere citing of Afghanistanica's post on blogs that mention "suicide, death, pain, drugs and killing" which earned me that. Can't wait to see what this update does to my status.

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