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Monday, October 1, 2007

Going kinetic in the Baluchi valley

Gurkhas, in "substantial numbers" according to one source, go to Uruzgan to help out with Task Force Uruzgan's offensive operation to clear Baluchi valley of insurgents, after last year's Dutch-Australian special forces-led operations in the wake of which the ANA and the ANP didn't prove able to sufficiently "back-fill" in the area, the result being that the valley was lost again (moreover, the move on the Baluchi valley may be just the first part of something bigger). Beside describing the basic background of the operation, the Uruzgan Weblog's webmaster ponders the legendary rules of the Gurkhas regarding the use of their kukri knife, in a small comment to one of the Dutch articles discussing the offensive. If a Gurkha's knife is unsheathed...
Yes, that's a kukri down there:

(Pic source; conditions of use)

Update (October 2): Gurkhas (1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles) will be operating not just in Uruzgan, but first of all in Helmand, and secondly all over the wider area of ISAF Regional Command-South. In other news it is revealed that the next spring the UK is sending in the paras, too. Looks like some serious preparations are ongoing both for the coming finale of this guerrilla season and the beginning of the next (as well as for the possibly not so obvious interval between the two).

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