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Saturday, September 1, 2007


MStFB Uruzgan update
Before getting down to this post, I should probably reflect on the previous one that Bob was very quick to comment on yesterday. The speed of his reaction tells me I should make this clear myself, too: one possibility regarding the weird news I cited yesterday is that the airpower summaries U.S. CENTAF publishes, when they suggest all sorts of war events are happening "in Tarin Kowt" (this happens on quite a regular basis actually), might in fact be just trying to refer to Tarin Kowt district rather than the town. But while that is a perfectly plausible explanation, it is not fine for them to say just "in Tarin Kowt", if it's the district that they really mean, and that's what I wanted/want to draw attention to yesterday/today. That is not accurate, and quite unfortunate at a time when NATO would rather have people read stories like this about the mission in Uruzgan, and not, say, that insurgents are looting ANA vehicles "in Tarin Kowt" before getting bombed (which, I stress once again, is not a realistic suggestion).
By the way, see that story I have linked to above, via the Uruzgan Weblog? Well, I have to report for C's attention in particular, that based on what one can read there, some apparently believe there to be militants of that "C-type" ethnicity in Uruzgan, too ;-)
Before somebody takes this teaser of mine, coming right in the wake of the previous teaser by U.S. CENTAF, seriously, just read these two posts (first one; second one) over at Afghanistanica for context.


Afghanistanica said...

Arabs and Chechens? Oh my!

Those Chechens sure do travel a lot.

Péter MARTON said...

If we would be privy to all the intel, I'm sure we would even know them by name, like Sergey, Steve, or Sven...