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Sunday, September 30, 2007

A new governor for Uruzgan

I'd like to write something about Asadullah Hamdam, Uruzgan's new governor, since I feel kind of bad about not having come up with some sort of instantaneous, breaking news style introduction of his as soon as he got the job this month. But it is a surprise for me that there is a new governor (really, it's very impolite to present interested bloggers with such a fait accomplit!). It may provide me with some excuse that the appointment was an even bigger surprise to Asadullah Hamdam, who says he heard news of that on the radio.
At least I know now that he is from Zabul province, studied at the Kabul military academy, studied on to become an engineer, fled from the Taliban in 1996 to London; so the basics are there. He claims not to have been a communist, instead he says he knows a little about Uruzgan because he helped organise resistance against the Russians/Soviets there in the 1980's.
Until I get to know more, feel free to read my lengthy post, from this summer, on the previous governor, Abdul Hakim Munib (it may also give you a clue regarding why he's not the governor any more).
Picture to the left: Ex-governor Munib in Kandahar, back in April, 2006, at a meeting of the governors of five southern provinces (photo by Sgt Carole Morissette; copyright info). (Interestingly, the five apparently didn't include the governor of Nimroz, but did include the governor of Dai Kundi.)

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