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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Global coalition, global nomads

MStFB Uruzgan Series update
Waiting for news on Uruzgan, I've come across this. So Slovakia is there in Uruzgan, too... The Dutch DailyNews.nl writes:
"Dutch foreign minister Maxime Verhagen has asked his Slovakian opposite Jan Kubis to supply troops to support the Dutch mission in the southern province of Afghanistan, the foreign affairs ministry confirmed at the weekend.
Kubis was in the Netherlands for talks last week. Slovakia has agreed to increase its small engineering force in Uruzgan to 100 men and add a small medical team, ANP reported."
If that engineering force can be increased it must be there already.
Which makes me think that if all the countries that ever came up in the discussion over Uruzgan do join those apparently already there in Uruzgan, this will be a coalition truely global in scope.
I'm not sure as to what to think of that. Neither am I sure as to what to think of the Dutch military sending "the recently formed 45th infantry battalion to Uruzgan," sending some female infantry soldiers along with that battalion in 2008 over there. I don't have doubts about their fighting skills, don't get me wrong, I'm just not sure how it works if Afghans in Uruzgan see female soldiers in a patrol coming to their village. Maybe they aren't bothered a bit, I really don't know. It's not that they are not used at all to seeing women in clothing other than the burqa. For instance, the women of Kuchi nomad tribes dress about as liberally as liberal a female soldier in full battle gear might look (see an interesting post on Kuchi women in French here). So all this might take is just explaining that this is the traditional way of liberal interventionist global nomads ;-)

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