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Monday, September 24, 2007

A bloody bad idea

I know the title might sound a bit weird for a supposedly restrained, analytical blog, but what Abu Muqawama has just pointed to in an article in the Washington Post is exactly such as that what is referred to in the title. Baiting people to pick up weapons or ammunition left by the side of the road, statedly seeing that as proof enough that they are insurgents, to then just shoot them, and not even consider using some non-lethal munition at least, as one commenter over at Abu Muqawama's place suggested, is a very bad idea, and I couldn't resist commenting myself that this reminds me of some fictive, GWOT-targeted islamist regime's religious police killing people picking up, say, a bottle of vodka deliberately left around.
It's one major issue to be worried about whether it is value-rational to enact the worst sort of things thought imaginable of one's opponents in the course of attempting to defeat those opponents, but even if you just think about this along the lines of basic instrumental rationality... in a COIN-context... brrrrrr...

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