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Friday, August 31, 2007

Ink blot disruption? Inside Tarin Kowt? Really?

MStFB goes skeptical
I guess you all know the technique from horror movies: they show friends of the victim chatting in a calm manner about how the victim is supposed to be alright, with perhaps even some drowsy music in the background, and then all of a sudden a quick cut reveals to you that the victim is in big trouble, making a lot of noise probably, just to shock you with the contrast even more, and, say, he or she might be desperately running from the evil person who spends the movie chasing people around in all sorts of dark and deserted places.
Well, I was thinking things are not that bad in Tarin Kowt.
And then comes this horror effect: I see the Uruzgan Weblog excerpting the August 28 airpower summary from the U.S. CENTAF, and this is what I read in it:
"Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles dropped guided bomb unit-38s on Afghanistan National Army vehicles that were being looted by insurgents in Tarin Kowt."
Cut back to me... What?!? - is what I'm asking.
And then I'm also asking, was that in Tarin Kowt really? Or just around the town somewhere? That is a legitimate question, I think. I have pointed in the past to how suspiciously these airpower summaries seemed to be using the terms 'compound' and 'building' at times, whereas in the Afghan context that in fact makes some difference, which one you're using. So I do wonder if this again is just down to some inaccuracy in reporting, and therefore do colour me a bit skeptical. If this would have happened inside Tarin Kowt, that would be ink blot disruption on a significant level indeed.


Bob said...

Keep in mind that Tirin Kot is a district as well as a the name of the capitol of Uruzgan.


Péter MARTON said...

I do Bob, but they should say it so. Their job is not to create confusion.