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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Suicide bombing in Deh Rawod, children killed and wounded

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In from AP from a couple of hours ago: news of a suicide bombing in Dihrawud (or Deh Rawod), in southwestern Uruzgan. So far 17 people are reported killed, 12 of them students, and also there are some 50 or more people injured (many children among them - some of them might have been walking to school, others selling goods at the market, says Uruzgan police chief Qassem Khan). The bomber blew himself up just outside a pharmacy on a crowded market square, when a Dutch foot patrol arrived in the area.
The soldiers might have been the target (so far one of seven of them that were wounded seems to be in a critical condition, according to the Dutch Defence Ministry), but one has to note that the children victims one cannot unambiguously see as unintended by now (e.g. after the June 15 Tarin Kowt suicide bombing that also killed children). Let me shed light on what I mean exactly. Based on what one reads out on the web (I'm not going to go into this specifically), soldiers, as any sane person actually, do seem to expect there's less likelihood of an attack when there are children around them in a given area. While it is only speculation to think of the suicide bomber concretely in this case that he (most likely 'he' indeed) might have calculated that factor in, in general there does seem to be reason now to be more cautious and introduce necessary innovations in protocol, counting with the possibility of attacks even with children around, at least in urban areas (in a small village community one could still expect that the children will not be out on the streets when some attack is being prepared).
So much for same day analysis, I'll still watch out for developments of course.
You can read the whole AP report here.
Update: AP's casualty toll is updated now, so the figures in the text I linked to no longer match the ones I quoted from the original version of the report. 13 students are now said to have died in the blast, and 35 people are said to have been wounded.


Arjan Kraak said...

One of the wounded Dutch soldiers has died last night, 1st Lt. Tom Krist

Péter MARTON said...

I see, Arjan.
I don't know how much it matters if I do it on this site, but I'd like to express my condolences to Tom's family and to all those who knew him.
May he rest in peace.

Péter MARTON said...

Arjan, a question. Have you eventually written that article on the press coverage of the fighting around Chora?
I could only find your short piece on Anderson's 'Opium War' article.