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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Informing the public differently this time?

MStFB Uruzgan Series update
I have written a couple of days ago, here, of Australia's strange claim of not having fought in and around Chora town in the Six Day Friday War (don't get confused, it's just my own habit to keep calling the fighting that followed a carefully planned Talib suicide bombing in Tarin Kowt on June 15 that way - use the link if you're curious to see why).
Well, here's what Australia's foreign minister said during a visit to Afghanistan, about Australian special forces deployed in Uruzgan province (quoting from the Gulf Times, from July 1).
“The Taliban should be very wary of tangling with our special forces in Uruzgan.”
And then he added:
“They are an extremely highly trained, well-equipped professional force. I think the Taliban are learning that.”
So the Taliban are learning that. Was the fighting around Chora one more in a string of lessons then? You be the judge.

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