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Sunday, June 10, 2007

This and that (from Afghanistan, of course)

I'm not even bothering to try to find a nominal genre for this post here. It's just this-and-that, connected to this-and-that.
Links, mostly.
I have written a lot about the Dutch approach in Uruzgan, Afghanistan. So readers may want to read something critical for a change either on Germany, or on Italy (1); (2). The links take you to analyses by Mark Burgess and by Marta Conti at WSI Brussels. Those pieces there may shed light on the bigger picture, if you read all this stuff, including mine, together. The knowledgeable may shrug indifferently: "Who hasn't heard of the challenge for institutions like NATO of credible commitment, defection and the competing rationalities of foreign and domestic politics?" (Later I'll still get back to those issues of course.)
Now, as to Hungary, it's a very small country, as we all know, so you should suspect that you would have to look hard to find a Hungarian soldier in the south of Afghanistan. Well, I did look hard and I did find one, and I can link to a picture here showing that Hungarian soldier - in Kandahar* province, in 2006! (He's on the right.)
(You may need to push the Refresh button if it doesn't download automatically. The pic is from Captain Nighthawk's blog.)
* I originally wrote Helmand, sorry.

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